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I've been expecting her. I wish you wouldn't go to Boston. I'm not through with her. Joyce thought he heard some voices in the next room. Global warming, the term is so outdated, it's called climate change now. What do you intend to do about this? I have never advised a friend. Suu didn't expect Rhonda to be here. Thank you for taking the trouble to prepare your delicious meals. I spent the weekend with him.

He told me to go home and I obeyed him. As I'm sensitive to heat, I can't live comfortably without air-conditioning in summer. There were nineteen graduates for the batch of Spanish class. You'd better go with me. Naresh's father never came back home before nine or ten. You don't have to pay. Are you telling me there are more people waiting in the lobby? Angus wrote a letter to his brother in Boston. Our friends will be going back to their hotel soon. We should get going, so we can visit them.

The dog barks at a stranger. An idea just flashed through my mind. I think Sir just lied to me. Urban culture appears to be attractive to the younger generation. The dog went away.

Christofer fainted. Mann got agitated. I have no idea who that is either. We're going home by car. We stood face to face. The pilot was never charged for his reckless flying. Don't worry. We'll get to the bottom of this. Jugo is a southwestern wind, isn't it? When will she have to go abroad?

Byron almost didn't recognize Panacea. You shouldn't tell him anything about your girlfriend. You can meet us downstairs when you're ready. I wake up at half past five in the morning. Come as early as possible. I hugged her. I felt overwhelmed. You will need time to understand. I ran for my life.

I like Hokkaido. Stephanie wanted money. One of my bags is missing. Yum yum! He is probably busy.

Sofia has probably already seen that movie. The kitchen table was bare except for a bowl of fruit.

That has something to do with this problem. All acts against nature are decadence. The most decadent of men are priests: they teach that which is against nature. Debating isn't effective against priests, only prison is. I saw a lot of people get hurt. Elijah will be relocating to Boston soon. I am terribly sorry to hear about your break-up. Can you do anything to help them? Luis got home at exactly 2:30. This can not be described with words.

Please warm yourself at the fire. This chair is very comfortable, but I don't like the color. This function takes two parameters, the first one is the title of the window, the second one will be the title of the icon. Where did you get your degree? I'm investigating the options. He didn't name names. I guess I'd better be going. You baked nothing. You'll have to talk to me.

It doesn't have to be that way for Winston. This novel is so easy that even a child can read it. Micheal has a dark sense of humor. That was indeed the result of the vote. Would you tell Arthur that Vidhyanath phoned?

The public has the right to know. He is said to be qualified as a doctor. Boy, was I disappointed. The old man stood on the hill. I must speak to him.

The party flew nonstop from New York to Paris. Jim wants whipping for insulting me. I found him a bright boy. The tall man left in a hurry. What color is your truck?

Huashi is very persuasive, isn't he? You've taught me a lot. We'll be taking down our Christmas tree soon. Four horses roam the pasture. Don't give up so easily. What could've happened to them? Lewis doesn't know what that is.

Just at this moment it happened that little Gerda came through the great door of the castle. Tell Scot about your classes at Harvard. This should be easy to install. Marguerite tried to find help. Don't close your eyes. How old were you when this town had the big fire? She really let herself go. Do you have a picture of them? Kiribati is a former British colony.

Tuna is in the hospital right now. I'm just shocked. They married when they were still young. I can't believe you're involved in this. Never trust a limping dog or the tears of a woman. My dad died before I was born. Anita says you're cute. Ralf is a good instructor. I think she will do for a teacher. Ro will never be able to keep up with us.

I chanced talking to her. Could you leave us alone? I think you've been looking for me. I spent the day with her. Make your own decision.