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He should be able to do that in three hours. I'll abstain from going out today. Who appointed Lana? I need a new pair of sneakers. It's dangerous! I think it's time we had a little talk with Sanity.

We have hundreds of records in stock. It's very hard for me to trust anyone. Hey, what are you two up to? He believed in protecting America's wilderness areas. That's what I like to hear. One of her three cars is blue and the others are white.

Robin left Valerie and went to live with another woman. Herman and Rodger waved to each other. To tell the truth, I don't like his way of thinking. The bird likes rice. This person is your slave, right? The enemy cavalry crossed the river by an unknown ford. He is studying law at the university. Santa has been gone for over three hours. He was the first man to float in space. My dad doesn't want me driving there everyday, so he's paying my rent.

Speak up. I can't hear you.

He is crazy, no more. I asked Rod why he had never gotten married. Can I borrow the hair dryer? Time for a hot bath, and then it's bedtime. I'm getting used to this.

My clothes get wet so I took off them. This will be great. Olaf won't tell me what I'm supposed to do. I can take care of them. I bought lots of great stuff.

I don't want you to quit because of me. He had some fun. Do you believe in God? It shouldn't take us long. I ran downstairs.

A child was born to them. By the time I noticed that the newspaper had fallen into the water, it had turned into a mushy pulp. If you wish to get on in the world, you must not shrink from effort. Our representative argued against the new tax plan. I made a list of things I needed to do. I was embarrassed by his rudeness. Naomi has made the same mistake three times so far. People's opinions depend on the spirit of the times. Mastering a foreign language requires a lot of hard work. How many were there altogether?

I must have my work finished by tomorrow. One in four Americans don't know that the Earth circles the Sun. I should've said that. I guess that's good for you. The work of Monsieur Bertillon seems good to a scientific person. Who do you think is the best French speaker here? These companies needed equipment and other supplies.

It's a good idea. You pay attention to me? He intimated that all is not well in his marriage. I was invited to dinner. Nathaniel doesn't think Cynthia's French pronunciation is very good. The goods have reasonable prices. I hear you've got a new nickname. The market is completely saturated. He succeeded in life.

The child is helpless in his rage. Why do you always take her side? This material is not suitable for a dress. Some Japanese people have faced discrimination in China as a result of diplomatic problems between the two countries. She chopped some onions. She was fully clothed.

Janet won't get away with this. She goes to a girls' high school.

People can begin to love when they choose, but they have no choice when it comes to ending love. He pleaded guilty. Jim got dismissed for his misconduct in office.

Nothing is forever. I guess you'd like to know how it all happened. I want you to apologize. My father supplies me with my school expenses every month. The prime minister will make an announcement tomorrow. Everybody has to be somewhere. Patrick got dressed. I am thankful for standing on the tops of mountains. Please make sure that your seat belt is securely fastened.

According to legend, the French composer Alkan was killed by a collapsing bookcase when he tried to reach for the Talmud, a holy Jewish book, in the study in his house. It is the border-line cases that are always in danger: the dignified buildings of the past which may possess no real artistic or historic value, but which people have become sentimentally attached to and have grown to love. Better to err on the side of caution. Don't put that in the bag. That's the jacket I saw Roxanne wearing. She is consistent in her opinions. What will happen if mom doesn't give us any money? Shatter can change. Her dream has come true at last. Oscar cut the rope.

He had the nerve to take my car without asking. Remember, remember, the Fifth of November. Owen would have loved this movie. Jeanne lied about being able to speak French.